About Us

Theatre Centreville, currently directed by Mike Hudson, is located at Centreville High School in Clifton, Virginia.

Centreville’s theatre program began in 1988 under the direction of Roy A. “Skip” Maiden, the program’s first theatre teacher. Centreville’s theater was named after Mr. Maiden and has a seating capacity for 601 people. The program won the State Championship in Theatre (the first state championship of any kind for Centreville High School) and went on to represent the State of Virginia at the Southeastern Theater Conference and placed there as well. Two years later, Theatre Centreville again won the top prize in the State of Virginia for an original work entitled Alpha and Omega written and produced the prior year in 1994 by Centreville Theatre students Darren Biggs and Jon Janis and remounted with new direction by Mr. Maiden. The play then went on to win the Southeastern Theater Conference of 1995.

Skip Maiden retired in 1999 and was succeeded by J. Mark Rogers. Centreville entered the Cappies program at this time, and it garnered several Cappies for individuals and tech. It also earned Cappies for Best Show and Best Musical.

Mike Hudson became Director in 2010 after serving as the Technical Director for Theatre Centreville for 20 years.

Theatre Centreville and Centreville High School maintain an active Thespian Troupe and travel to the International Thespian Festival yearly. The Theatre program at Centreville High School offers Acting on four levels, Technical Theatre on four levels, Speech/Public Speaking, and Film Study.