Donate your time or your money. Or both.

Theatre Centreville is a vibrant, beautiful department because of the passion of the actors, the technical staff, and the director. But people like you can make Theatre Centreville even better. Consider donating some of your time, whether it be a few minutes or a few hours, to help Theatre Centreville grow.

Financial donations are also greatly appreciated. Theatre is expensive and a department can rarely produce shows on the funds of a school alone. It takes many passionate mothers and fathers’ money to create a truly great show. So, please consider donating to enrich the experience of all the students participating in Theatre Centreville.

The greater the support, the greater the performances.

Sponsorships are available at a variety of tax-deductible levels:

$25 Donation: Actor Level – includes 1 ticket to a main stage show
$50 Donation: Director Level – includes 2 tickets to a main stage show
$100 Donation: Producer Level – includes 4 tickets to a main stage show
$500 Donation: Patron of the Arts Level – includes 4 tickets to one performance of each of our Main Stage shows (Fall, Spring, and the One Acts)

To donate, please contact Sara Hoffman at: