In addition to the wonderful performers and talented technical crew, the following people dedicate great amounts of time and energy to Theatre Centreville:

Mike Hudson

Theatre Centreville Boosters Board for the 2016-2017 Season
President: Toni Strauch
Vice President: Sara Hoffman
Secretary: Linda Lindgren
Treasurer: Jean-Ellen Wood

The Drama Boosters have generously donated a great deal of their personal time and money to assist the department into becoming the best it can be. Theatre Centreville lives on the support of these wonderful members, so please, thank them whenever you can.

Thespian Honor Society Board Members for the 2016-2017 Season:
President: Monica Hopkins
Vice President: Jack Moore
Secretary: Kourtni McNeil
Historian: Margot Vanyan
Treasurer: Elizabeth Todd
Head Publicist: Alex Wells
Co-Publicist: Jenny Lee

Thespian Honor Society Board Members have a tradition of choosing a theme for their costumes during the annual Halloween Party, which all other members of Thespian Honor Society then attempt to guess. In recognition of the Thespian Honor Society Board, old and new, here is a collection of the many themes that have been chosen in the past:

2016-2017 Thespian Honor Society Board:
14589565_1232890153430037_366234910600952192_o Theme: Mean Girls

2015-2016 Thespian Honor Society Board:
12232795_614559558683153_2857892009735736760_o Theme: Comic Book Characters

2014-2015 Thespian Honor Society Board:
12789638_1219120671449691_1056297551_o Theme: Super Smash Bros.

2013-2014 Thespian Honor Society Board:
12809865_1219118811449877_227673027_o Theme: Toy Story